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Meow. ^_^

First, I would like to extend a welcome to __nymphe__ , whose name I currently do not know. Maybe she will be kind enough to introduce herself. ^___^

The other two, who I believe may not talk, are Dia( suketchi ) and Jenna  ( princessnikki33 ).

I also have switched comments to friends only to avoid rude comments from those outside of the community. They can join! Meep, if there is anything that drives me CRAZY, it's people being rude or commenting rude things on journals where they don't know the people at all, or what made them type what they did. I'm wierd, I know. I also believe that by keeping comments limited to those in the community, it will help keep harassment from happening. Anywho, uuummm, would you guys comment to make sure you still can?


Okay, random stuffs I thought I would post:

Horoscopes, yay! >> -Is such a weirdo- For this week

The urge to travel and to find a sense of adventure is getting ever stronger this week. The Sun, Mercury and Pluto are all encouraging you to look to new shores and step boldly into new territory. This is not a time to hang back or to decide you simply can't be bothered. Mercury continues to be retrograde, so if you do have any travel plans, you can expect delays. You should also check out your tickets and hotel reservations before you depart. Remember, however, the twists and turns of fate can often lead to very creative experiences.

There is still a lot of activity in Scorpio, creating a sense of mystery and magic in your relationships. Even though you may find yourself having more arguments than normal and processing through some very intense feelings, you have a chance to kiss and make up as you go along. Passion is high and the chemistry between you is powerful and sexy. If you have just met, expect some delightful action over the days ahead. There is also a lot taking place in another very sensitive area of your chart - that concerning joint financial arrangements.



Partnership issues are still very prominent in your life. The energies in this sector are intense this week, so it is a good time to do something positive to sort them out. On Tuesday Mercury retrograde conjuncts Pluto so a heart-to-heart talk could well be in order. But there is a way to do this so that you can bring healing to the situation rather than making it worse for each other. Above all you must want to change and be willing to change yourself, not expecting your partner to do all the work.

Mars and Venus in Scorpio are bringing you more opportunities to find that perfect date, or to start a brand new love affair. The world is your oyster and it's about time you ventured out into the ocean of love once again. There is quite a lot of high activity in Sagittarius which means that your daily schedule and lifestyle are going through a change. It is also a great time for an office de-clutter. You will feel freed up to get so much more done and will have plenty of extra energy. Go for it!


Your love life seems to be moving through a new and highly intensive phase at this time. There is a blend of passion and depth in the air, which is keeping you very occupied. Mercury is retrograde and conjuncts Pluto on Tuesday, which implies that you might find yourself having a very special conversation, one that could have all kinds of repercussions. There is also the chance that you need to talk things through, so you can begin a process of reconciliation after an argument or a period of conflict. It's a week for recreating harmony and peace.

You are keen to get in touch with those whom you might have been too busy to deal with lately. If you have unfinished correspondence or have anything that is outstanding in an administrative sense, this is the time to get it all finished and organized. There is also a great deal of activity on the home front, as Mercury conjuncts Pluto on Tuesday. You may have some big projects on hand with regard to your home - perhaps some major redecorating or remodeling that will change the atmosphere in a way that is beneficial for all.



You are still in a fairly hearty and relaxed mood, enjoying the many new opportunities that have come your way. Mercury conjuncts Pluto on Tuesday, which makes this a day for all kinds of important conversations. Big decisions will be arrived at after much thought, and you may have to let go of certain issues in order to move ahead. This week may therefore be a time of transitions as you free yourself of all kinds of encumbrances including rubbish, old papers, and files that have lost their importance and relevance to your life.


Mars and Venus in your sign continue to help you become more and more attractive. You have a fatal combination of drive and charm and many are finding this hard to resist. There is also a big emphasis on your finances this week with the Sun, Mercury and Pluto all in Sagittarius. Mercury is retrograde so you may be experiencing delays with payments. There is a New Moon in Sagittarius on Sunday, which is your chance for a whole new beginning in this area. Make a resolution to start as you mean to carry on.

Mercury is retrograde in your sign, which may mean you experience delays to some of your best-loved projects and plans. However, delays can be very creative, so go with the flow if you find yourself held back. Use this phase to clear out clutter and to deal with any backlog that you have hanging around. Mercury conjuncts Pluto on Tuesday, presenting you with yet another opportunity to heal any communication problems. If you can hold that conversation and bring about a change of heart, this would be the best result of all.



Once again the spiritual side of your life is emphasized as you carry on the good work of resolving your karma. You feel an inner urge to make up for any harm you may have done in the past, and are gradually working to make this so. Mercury is retrograde in this part of your chart, which means you can happily go to a counselor, or get any kind of help you need to resolve those particularly difficult issues that have dogged you for some time. Once this energy is freed up you will feel wonderful.


Despite a continuing sense of pressure at work, compounded by Mercury being retrograde, things are looking up. Mars and Venus in your career slot mean that you are more driven and determined to succeed than you have been recently. You also feel in a competitive mood, which will stand you in good stead, especially if you are going for an interview or trying to get yourself promoted. And as an added bonus you also have a great deal of charm as well. Your social life is a key feature, and Tuesday may bring a great opportunity.

There is still a lot of activity in the travel and study section of your chart. Mars is encouraging you to make new discoveries and to get going when it comes to putting your best and brightest goals into action. The New Moon in Sagittarius on Sunday does herald a chance for a new beginning, one that will prove fruitful if you take the first steps in tandem with the waxing Moon. Apply for a job or new position - or even better just start one - and watch as it all blossoms in wonderful ways.

These were taken from MSN, check 'em out, play games, etc.

And for those of us who like FOOTBALL >>;;;; Here are the week 13 scores

It lists the teams, then on the far side are all four quarters. The fifth number is the final score. The little arrows point to the winning team. This information was taken from WWW.NFL.COM

New England (11-1-0) « 14 7 21 0 42
Cleveland (3-9-0)  0 7 0 8 15

Arizona (4-8-0)  3 9 0 0 12
Detroit (5-7-0) « 7 7 6 6 26

Tennessee (4-8-0)  24 0 0 0 24
Indianapolis (9-3-0) « 17 14 10 10 51

Minnesota (7-5-0)  7 7 0 0 14
Chicago (5-7-0) « 7 10 0 7 24

Cincinnati (6-6-0) « 0 3 0 24 27
Baltimore (7-5-0)  3 3 14 6 26

Atlanta (9-3-0)  0 0 0 0 0
Tampa Bay (5-7-0) « 7 6 7 7 27

San Francisco (1-11-0)  3 0 3 0 6
St. Louis (6-6-0) « 3 10 0 3 16

Houston (5-7-0)  0 7 0 0 7
NY Jets (9-3-0) « 3 3 7 16 29

Carolina (5-7-0) « 13 13 0 6 32
New Orleans (4-8-0)  0 7 7 7 21

Buffalo (6-6-0) « 14 7 7 14 42
Miami (2-10-0)  21 3 0 8 32

Denver (7-5-0)  0 7 0 10 17
San Diego (9-3-0) « 7 10 3 0 20

Kansas City (4-8-0) « 7 3 14 10 34
Oakland (4-8-0)  6 14 0 7 27

NY Giants (5-7-0)  0 0 7 0 7
Washington (4-8-0) « 7 14 3 7 31

Green Bay (7-5-0)  0 3 0 14 17
Philadelphia (11-1-0) « 7 28 9 3 47

Pittsburgh (11-1-0) « 7 7 0 3 17
Jacksonville (6-6-0)  7 0 6 3 16

(WOOOOHO! Pittsburgh! -Dances-)

Dallas (5-7-0) « 3 16 10 14 43
Seattle (6-6-0)  14 0 3 22 39


Umm, I think that's all my meaningless rambling! OH, No...this is cute!


And yeah...I'm going to school now. -Nod-


~*~ Cho ~*~

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