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Product of the week for Dec. 20-26

>:| Our community is NOT thriving! I'll take that to heart while I'm away... I'm going to join a few more communities and hopefully persuade a few more people to join. But in the meantime...

Rohto V. Now, I'm not sure how many people have beautiful eyes, but I do. Just not when they're puffy, red, and watery. I'm not exactly an eyedrop/eyecare connoisseur, but I do suffer from dark circles and red eyes constantly, and I'm usually interested enough in my appearance so I want to keep those things to a minimum. (Like only when I'm at home and I can only care the cat away with my zombie-like appearance). I've used Visine for a couple of years, and face it... Using the same product for such a long period of time (except maybe toilet paper. I'm quite content with the toilet paper I use) gets boring. I like having a little bit of variety. I'm female, I have every reason in the world to have 4 different brands of deodorant, 7 shampoos, countless bath salts and bubbles, and equally as many different sceneted lotions. Why shouldn't I have at least TWO different kinds of eyedrops?

Now, these are special. They're different from your run of the mill eyedrops because they are MINTY. They make your eyes feel like they're breathing; a sensation I believe everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. If you wear contacts, you can't put these in while you're wearing them, as the solution will disolve the lense and probably some other nasty things will occur. But when you're not wearing them it's fine. This particular variety eliminates redness and produces a cooling sensation, but there is another called Rhoto Zi that just gives you the minty eyedrop love.

I haven't tried these yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion they'll cause redness, since my eyes are particularly sensitive...

If my eyes HURT, I don't like to use my Rhoto V because it irritates them for about 30 seconds and then they start clearing up, but I really hate being in pain because of my watery eyes, so if they hurt I'll still use Visine Clear Eye Redness Relief, but if I've just woken up in class and my eyes are all red and I look stoned, I'll use Rhoto V.

Packaging -
Effectiveness -
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These are available at Wal-Mart, but can be ordered from internet websites such as, and . Worth the $4.20.
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