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Don't try
To live so wise
Don't cry
'Cause you're so right
Don't dry
With fakes or fears
'Cause you will hate yourself in the end.

[ Wind-- Akeboshi ]

My God, make it stop.
Anime fans may recognize this Naruto ending.
Harmless anime lyrics, right?


Every time I hear this gorgeous song, there you are.
Wonderful, brilliant, gorgeous you, there you are.
Leave me be.
Stop torturing me with your dispicable charm.
Cease your constant teasing and get out of my head.
Why are you the only one I see behind eyes shut so tight?
And you simply carry on;
You are completely unaware of how you poison me.
Poison me with your enchanting presence.
Poison me with your captivating gaze.
Your mysterious smile...
How it consumes me;
breaking down my ability to even think.
Oh how poisonous you are.
And yet
Look what you've done.
It is your poison that I need.
That I crave.
Like a drug
I must partake.
Lest I lose what sanity I have left.
I need your enchanting presence.
I need your captivating gaze.
I need that mysterious smile
Like the air I breathe.
My days are incomplete
My nights are filled with worry...
And wonder.
I wonder just why
Why can't we look eachother in the eye?
Why is our silence so much more awkward?
What do your quizzical, poetic words really mean?
Do they portay
that you feel the same way?
Or am I fooling myself
Into thinking that there's more
When nothing could be there at all?
Someone tell me WHY
You're the only one on my mind....


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