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The Community for the Average Girl

Everything Concerning the Average Girl

The Community for Average Girl
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Hey there! This community is made for normal girls to go and talk. It's a place to dicuss everything from hair, to hot rods. Here, you can come and make friends. It doesn't matter if you are supermodel thin, have ance scars, frizzy hair, perfect hair, blue, green, brown eyes, black, white, red,yellow or purple skin. It doesn't matter. If you like boy, or if you like girls. Who cares? What matters is, you are still a girl.

Your moderators are Cho:

And Starlight:

You can get to know us by looking for the enrty "Get to know your moderators" on December 5, 2004

There are some rules to this community, as we want it to be a place where people arn't hurt.

1) Please, be polite. Don't purposly say things that you know will offend people. It's just plain rude, and we will not accept the downgrading of others. If it was an accident. APPOLOGIZE. If you disagree, find a tasteful way to say something.

2) Do NOT harrass the other members. We can, and will kick you off. If you believe you are being harrased, please notify Cho and Starlight at LJCommunityBeauty@hotmail.com
Please, include what the person was saying. Save the conversation if it is in an IM, or if it is in the journal you need to give us the name of the person harrassing you, and the date of the journal entry. Harrassment in IMs will have to be more carefully looked at because we encourage you not to start conversations if you do not trust the person. Also, harassment would have to be over something the person learned about you or read from this journal, or your main journal which they got access to through this one.

3) While, sometimes cussing in inevitable, we ask that you try to refrain from doing so. Remember that to some it is extremly rude and offensive. We are very sure that you are intelligent ladies and can find other means of expression.

ULTIMATE RULE: o.o....Don't pick a fight with us....you WILL lose. Even if we resort to childish ways. XD

Should you break the rules, we have a three strike law.

1st time: Your post will be deleted and you will be banned from posting for one week.

2nd time: Your post will be deleted and you will be banned from posting for one month.

3rd time: Your post will be deleted and you will be deleted from the community.